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Practice Info


New Patient Visit

Welcome to Cambridge Children's Dentistry.  Below are some of the forms and dental policies and procedures that you may view and fill out prior to your visit.

(Our forms are securely stored at our software provider's site)

Medical Form

Financial Policy Form

Privacy Policy Form

Privacy Policy (pdf)

Your First Visit


Be a good role model at home:
- Let your child see you brush your teeth.
- Make brushing your teeth into a fun family event.  

If the child is younger than 4, do bring your child's favorite toy or stuffed animal.

Do schedule a fun activity to do after the dental vist to reward good behavior and set a more positive precedence for dental visits.

Come a little early to your first visit.  
Your child can get comfortable with the surroundings, meet the staff, play with our iPads and other toys, and become familiar with our space.

Do stay positive even if your child displays anxiety and or exhibits fear.



We understand that some parents have not had positive experiences with their own personal dental care.  
However, we are trying to set a very positive precedence for your child's dental visits.  Do not show anxiety as your child will pick up on your anxiety.  

Do not go into details explaining everything that is going to happen.  
We are trained in how best to describe the dental experience to your child.  
lease avoid using such as words as: needle, shot, pain, and hurt.  Please avoid using phrases like: it won't hurt, you may get a shot/needle, the doctor won't hurt you.

For children under 5, please do not feed them a very large meal before coming to the dentis.  Please ask the dentist or staff what to do.   


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